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Know your business is capable of more but don’t know where to even begin? Are you looking for expert guidance and proven systems you can tap into to bring your business to the next level? Well you’re in the right place because this is what we do… Click Here To Start


No time to do everything yourself? Don’t care to learn & stay on top of the latest trends? What if you had a team of professionals you could tap into who’s purpose was to grow your business – sound interesting? Check out our Done-For-You Marketing Services & focus on what you do best!


Are you an expert in your industry? Do you leverage your knowledge to be the “Go-To” person and authority in your industry? Learn how to turn position yourself and your knowledge to attract more ideal clients & prospects… Check out our Digital Publishing Options.


With a strong roots in the health and wellness industry (trained as a Holistic Health Practitioner & BSc in Kinesiology), Sherri and her team are active in this industry and changing the way practitioners and clinics look at marketing their practices. Times are changing and you are either “in” or “in the way”. One of the best things about this is the majority of clinics are using old school strategies or don’t have the time to commit fully to the new school ones. This is where are smart clients have leaned on our team to leverage our expertise and grow their business (and you can too).



We also work closely with industry leaders in the area of home services including but not limited to: telecommunications, internet companies, HVAC services, home builders, construction companies, electricians, and other awesome companies in the home services arena. We LOVE the small businesses who aspire to do big things in their industry and community.


Gratitude Consulting has become a trusted resource in the Real Estate industry for agents, developers and brokers for creating, planning and implementing full scale marketing and consulting strategies. We truly appreciate the natural referral process that has evolved (and grown our business) from working with AWESOME agents! Although we aren’t trying to brag, we do think you should know real estate and related services, has become an area of strength in our business. If you’d like assistance in this area, give us a call today (587) 333-0170!



The strategies and services we provide clients are similar in all industries however, the essence of the business, goals of the owners and other factors determine how we customize an approach for a company or individual. We have created a network of experts and professionals across North America and around the world that you get access to when you work closely with our group to grow your business. If you are looking for a “cookie cutter” solution, we are not it however, if you are looking to be authentic, unique and dominate your industry then we have something to talk about!


The team at Gratitude Consulting have magnified out online marketing presence in ways we did not even know possible. Their expertise with online marketing, web design and social media have helped to make SJRES a top searched business in Edmonton.

- Sara & Jessie (Sara Jessie Real Estate Services)




If you are here, you realize something is missing from your business. If you are a business who wants to make a difference and are looking for a different way to do things, that’s our style. If you just want a website or are looking for someone to design a direct mail campaign – we do do that, but maybe we aren’t the company for you. We are invested in making a true difference in a business and need to look at all of the moving parts.

What if you have a fabulous website but it’s hidden in the search engines and no one can ever find it?

What if you have a really cool radio ad but the second it’s over, people forget your name?

What if you have a fancy direct mail campaign that you send out into the community but there is no real call to action and the piece just ends up in the recycle?

We work with businesses who are client-centric (the client or customer always comes first) and always provide value before they even get to the point of sale, so even if the person isn’t ready to buy at that moment, when they are they will remember YOU.

Your business and your marketing need to be integrated and leverage what’s already working. You need to be open to another way of doing things. New systems. New perspective.

Sound like something you are interested in?

Schedule your no-charge 30-minute consultation here to see if we are a good fit.


Our Mission as a consulting group is to be the best version of ourselves every single day and
provide our clients with the world class experience they deserve when growing their business.


Our Story

If you’d like to learn more about what Gratitude Consulting is all about, click here to hear our story.

Continuing to push the limits of possibility for small to medium-sized business.

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  • + So Much More!

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What People Say About Us


Sherri is awesome to work with. Great listener and understood our needs. Very professional and friendly. We highly recommend Sherri to anyone and you will not be disappointed.

- Daniela Grande-Koren